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A Beginner's Guide to Using Google AdWords

By Nicole Aurelio

When you're new to Web advertising, the term pay per click advertising can sound scary and all-too-technical for you. Actually, PPC advertising, being one of the most profitable website advertising methods is quite an easy-to-understand idea.

The most popular pay-per-click advertising network is Google AdWords. It's also Google's most rewarding source of revenue. All types of companies, whether an ecommerce web site, a brick-and-mortar store with an online storefront or one that sells services rather than physical products, can benefit in many ways from using Google AdWords.

For one thing, AdWords management doesn't require you to work long hours to get you on the first page of Google's search results. Your AdWords ad once properly configured can come up in any search that contains your keywords less than a half hour after you approve it for publishing. Organic SEO, of course, has its own benefits over using AdWords. The latter wins in the convenience department. For another, an AdWords ad never falls prey to the changes in Google's search algorithms. Unlike the organic search results that appear on top of the competition one day and fighting to break into the top 5 results in the next day, your ad is always guaranteed an above-the-fold placement.

So how does AdWords work? When you create an AdWord campaign, you are asked to provide keywords that have relevance to your business and a link to your Internet site. Whenever a user searches for your keywords, your ad (Google officially calls an advertisement a Sponsored Link) appears on top or beside the organic search results. When the user clicks on your link, he goes to your website and you pay for that single click. If , however , nobody clicks on your ad, you're not required to pay anything.

Of course, you would like people to click your link. The simplest way to make sure your AdWords ad is not sitting pretty and useless on top of a search results page is to choose excellent-quality keywords that are utilised by those who will actually use your product. What do we mean by a top quality keyword? It must be definitive. If you're marketing a car rental business for holiday makers in Hawaii, for example, use "Honolulu vacation rental car" Instead of a very general "rental automobile" As the latter can bring in all kinds of people who've a deep interest in rental vehicles, including those who would like to open a rental car business and people who are looking to hire a car on the opposite side of the Earth.

Your keyword should additionally be used in the body of your ad to make it more important for the user. Not only that, your keyword will appear in bold so that your Sponsored Link stands out. Apart from using keywords, you also have to write a forceful ad headline and body. After all , keywords alone won't pull users in to your internet site. One thing that all effective advertisements have, whether or not they are pay-per-click adverts or otherwise, is a clear outline of the benefits that folks can get from your company. You won't enjoy much in terms of space, so your copy should drive home the point inside the first few words. Here are some good strapline examples:

- "50% Off All Women?s Shoes!"

- "Fair Trade Certified Organic Vegetables"

- "Office Supplies Delivery"

- "Buy Inexpensive Computers"

- "Don't Overpay for Airfare- Compare Flights on Many Airlines"

A good ad copy should also incorporate a call to action, such as the ones in the last 2 examples. A call to action usually begins with a verb, such as ?shop,? ?enter to win,? Like us on Facebook,? ?click? And ?compare? And gives the user an idea of the things that can be done if they click your Backed Link.

Once your AdWords campaign is good to go, Google will ask you to set your budget for the day. This is one of the biggest advantages of using AdWords because you can constantly track your advertising costs and there is no way for you to overspend. The total you pay is dependent upon the competition for your keyword. If there are multiple advertisers using the same keyword, the highest bidder appears on top of the list of Sponsored Links.

This is not the only way to get on top of the list, though. If the highest bid is outside your budget, a method to get around things is to raise your keyword's Quality Score. Google determines your Quality Score by how relevant it is to the user's search. So , for example, you need to beat out the top-ranking Sponsored Link, a way to do it is to tweak your keyword or to use another keyword altogether. You can also enhance your site so the keyword employed in your AdWords ad is highly relevant to it.

When your ad is in place , there isn't a reason for you to settle. The effectiveness of any AdWords campaign lies in consistently testing and improving it to find out which version of your campaign brings in the most number of clients.

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