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Adsense Revenue Problems and How To Fix Them

Google's AdSense is one of the most popular online advertising systems with website builders. This is mainly due to the fact that the Ads are shown only on pages with a similar topic.

Google has found a way to analyse your web page, find out what it's about and serve up an advert that fits your content.

However, there is no guarantee that this will occur. You may find instead, that your ads are not relevant and don't get the clicks you expect.

There are many reasons why your website adverts may not generate revenue but in this article let's look at the issue of lack of relevant adverts and what you can do about it.

Google's contextual advertising is called AdSense. You have to understand the mechanism behind it to be able to fix the issue.

Google checks your page to see what it's about and then assigns ads to it from various advertisers. If there no matching ads, Google serves any ad it can find.

Unfortunately, your visitors are less likely to click on these ads.

So, first of all you need to check if the adverts displayed on your website are on-topic. If they are, then your lack of clicks is not due to a lack of advertisers and you need to look at other factors that could be responsible.

If you don't see relevant adverts it could be because there are few advertisers or your article may not be set up properly to attract adverts. You will need to investigate further. Have a look at the visitor statistics for your site to see how much many people are really visiting your website.

Visit Google and enter relevant keywords or phrases in the search box.

If the results page shows several adverts for your products or services, that means there are lots of advertisers, their ads just aren't appearing on your site.

This means your problem is the way Google views your website and pages. Google does not see your site as a match to the kind of adverts you expect to see.

You need to get your pages to really focus on your topic.

It actually isn't hard for you to optimize your web pages. Things you can do are to ensure you include your specific keywords in your page title, and the body of your article. There are also many other ways to optimise your articles.

The adverts you see on Google for your topic can themselves provide a clue. Look at the keywords they contain. You should include these too in your page content if possible.

If you don't see any adverts or see few, then you are likely to make money on your topic by using Adsense. You will need to either seek to make money through some other means such as affiliate banner adverts or change or broaden your product range. Another method is to capture email addresses and send out a newsletter to a target list

Essentially if your website is not showing relevant contextual advertising on a popularly advertised topic, there is an issue with the way your pages are optimised. You will only be able to generate income by optimizing your web pages. However, if few adverts exist after all, you can either change or broaden your sites focus or think of other ways of making money from your site or another advertising method.

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