Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Free SEO Tools " The Different Varieties

Fresh data is crucial for making decisions in search engine optimization. But collecting all this information by hand is a waste of time that can be used for other things like analyzing the information, taking action and working with customers.

This could make several SEO agencies struggle managing the volume of intensive tasks of collecting data and to finish their search engine optimization assignments. So to help them here, there are numerous helpful free SEO tools available today. With the help of this online SEO software, these SEO agencies can easily automate their time consuming tasks. Consequently, free online SEO software allow them to spend more time focusing on clients, finding solutions, implementing effectual SEO techniques and thus getting more customers.

The various SEO tools available collect all the required data in different ways. It is thus better to first understand how each of these applications work for good SEO performance as well as reliability. Scraping is employed for the unapproved access to information by extracting the information found on other web pages.

These tools use automated tactics for scraping this data from web pages and then emulate human actions to ensure they are not detected. But as scraping isn't actually a permitted access option, it will be difficult to process this information. Furthermore the tool does not pick changes made to web page, which can result in data inaccuracies till the application is updated as per the website changes.

In case of tools that use API, they have got approved access to the information. Here data providers use APIs because they want other companies to use their data within 3rd party applications or services. The information here is normally well structured and easy for using. Then again you have to pay for this as information providers demand a fee for API usage.

Data providers support and update the API like their own data or web page structure because they had created the API. This makes things simple for SEO tool agencies because they can update their applications as required and keep on working according to API updates because they may be informed regarding changes.

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