Saturday, October 5, 2013

Advertising On Facebook

Hey Guys Elijah here and today I am going to show you what it takes to create with advertising and marketing on fb, this is a great way to get your business up off the floor as long as it's done properly.

So Lets get started.....

First of all marketing on fb isn't that hard as a lot of the work is already prepared for us, imagine how much potential traffic there is on facebook, but previous to I establish to show you how this is done. I Need you to get into your head that when marketing on fb , for you not to try to market to everyone as this will consequence in 0 leads and in 0 revenue.

So now we have got that out of the way advertising and marketing on fb is just using your initiative and making amazing that will grab peoples attention. Okay so now marketing on fb can be used for a couple of dissimilar things the first one being you can use it to put up an viewer base on your fb fan page for your business -by the way which you should definably have one if not , GO construct one now! Second of all you can use advertising and marketing on fb to market your page posts and get people to see and engage with your significant messages.

If This is your first time advertising on fb then I suggest you want to construct an viewer base with more like and then once you have a steady but large amount of likes and admirers on your page that you then use marketing on fb to enhance your pages to get people to interact with your Pages. Now marketing on fb will not get you direct gross sales, although in the long run it will ,but you will not get income overnight. fb marketing is used to build relationship and make connections with real community and this is what you want to do first, you want to hit upon the people that would be attracted in what your selling in your business , but you don't want to sell to them straight away. Instead you want to offer them your advice and help and then slowly get them to be more involved in your activity on your fb page and then begin asking them if they are paying attention in your niche , in my case internet marketing , I would ask them would they like to sign up to my newsletter to get free internet marketing tips and training.

This is a crucial step to make when advertising on fb, once you have numerous community putting their signature to up to your subscriber list, either by asking them or just by positing it on your page, you can then establish to erect a business. As over time if group get enough value from you and your emails they will spend money on great when you say that it will help them, just make sure your distinct about the whole thing and not too totally obvious.

Now once you have set up your advertisement on fb by putting in a catchy title and description and a photo if you can, then you need to set up how much budget for the lifetime running of your ad , a excellent portion is between 100-200 as this will get you a satisfactory quantity of traffic and likes and therefore natives to connect with and eventually market to.

Once your ad is running, you need to keep track of it to make sure you are getting a high-quality click through rate anything over 0.02 I would say. The More exact your market is the higher your click through rate will be although over time it will decrease as community will start to decide weather or not they will respond to your ad.

When marketing on fb, if your not getting any quick sales or not building any relationship's with anyone , then maybe you should try including a landing page in your fb online advtisement. When marketing on fb its all about trial and error really you just have to discover out what works for you. Once you have found a good quality ad that works for you, you just scale it up and begin to construct your business like that.

Also make sure that in your advertising campaign on fb that you provide a call to action, if your marketing a page then facebook already includes a call to action but generic advertisement do not provide one, so if you put that to gain access for users to click incredible, it will increase the chances of them clicking.

Finally when advertising on fb make sure you don't over target and just target the community that would be paying attention in your page and also who would be paying attention in buying from you, you see if your target the wrong group trying to sell to them is a nightmare. Although if you locate and target and connect with the right group, a lot of them don't need pre-selling that much all you need to do is to offer what you have and if they are drawn to they will be much more likely and easier to sell to and more chances that they will purchase from you.

Okay Guys, well that's just about it, marketing on fb isn't a secret plan its all about who you target and what you write in your ad copy, the best way is to write what you think what would catch your attention and put yourself in their shoes.

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