Saturday, June 29, 2013

SEO With Content Marketing

Business and marketing improvement groups are talking a lot about content marketing, which is in high demand at this time. However many people ask what it has to do with SEO, and what does the term allude to?

What does Content Marketing include?

This is not the process of selling, it's about getting information to your clientele and potential buyers. It is non-interruption marketing. When you give your clients valuable information rather than just trying to sell, they have a better knowledge and appreciation for your product. When a business like yours or any other, delivers quality content to their clientele over time, many find that the customers will be more faithful to your services and products.

The content attracts, informs, persuades, serves and engages buyer personas, prospects, customers and other target audiences across the entire lifecycle and relationship with our organization.

What Does it Do?

Content marketing alone will not generate leads and loyalty, but it can help an organization enhance its positioning as a thought leader and innovator, connect with audiences in a more authentic and personal way, and directly impact its Website's search engine rankings and traffic.

In order to make good use of this kind of marketing, many companies utilize podcasts, webinars and videos to inform and entertain customers, and of course they use blogs, microblogs, and articles. Engaging your clients and consumers with data about the products or services they are receiving from you, will engage them and help to make their experience with your company more beneficial to them, and they will be happier and more satisfied.

How Does SEO Relate To This?

It is widely accepted that successful online marketing campaigns must have unique content attached, and with Penguin updates and Google Panda now in play, this is even more important. Search engines respond well to this content, and the SERPS will reflect this accordingly.

When a customer is highly entertained or engaged by this content, they are more likely to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, for examples. Social sharing signals have become an important part of search rankings.

Each company must look at their audience, and then tailor the content toward what they are expecting and what means the most to them.

A good place for you to show the innovations that your company is making is a business blog, and you can show your services and products off in the way you would like to promote your section of the overall industry. A business blog can also serve as a starting point to share everything from your company, using new features including in the different platforms for blogging.

Content that is more compelling to some consumers comes in the form of videos. Research shows consumers who watch product videos are more likely to purchase than those who do not.

And ebooks have become an essential component of most content marketing strategies. If you want to present a large amount of content or information, an ebook can be a useful way to do so. Data can also be collected from using ebooks for clients and prospective customers, since you have some control on what information they must provide to get the download.

Content must be tailored for the consumer to keep brand loyalty high, and to make sure the right content is aimed at the right kind of consumer.

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