Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Topic Ideas: How To Write When There's The Block

Blog topic ideas are everywhere; you just need to keep an open mind and heart to recognize them. If you experience the infamous "block" one day, there's always something you can write about to establish your online presence. In this article, let's talk about them.

Instructional posts. You can always write something instructional. As you know, how-to articles are always easy to read and very helpful as they give people new knowledge and skills. If you can enumerate the steps on how to bake, how to win an ex, how write a blog post, and the likes, you should include them in your blog. You'll be surprised at how much life they can bring to your site.

Anything informative. You must be familiar with Wikipedia-the site where everyone goes for information. When you can't come up with any blog post ideas, it would be terrific to imitate the social media site. Define a subject or explain a subtopic of your niche. You may think that readers might get bored, but the truth is as long as you know how to write enticingly, you can make all topics interesting.

Reviews. Reviews come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can review a book, a restaurant, a recipe, a place, and everything else imaginable. As long as you can provide a fair and objective opinion on the topic, you'll surely produce a post worth reading. Reviews can be very influential so writing them is something you must indulge in once in a while.

Lists. You know how lists can be appealing. Think of "Top 10 Things To Do When..." or "8 Reasons Why Your Ex..." The title themselves are already very irresistible and if you can come up with timely issues, there's no way that your followers could take a pass on them. Your posts may even end up being shared in social sites. Now, that would be lovely, don't you think?

Case Studies. Writing about a certain case study is probably one of the most challenging blog topic ideas to delve in. For one, research will take time and effort. Two, more challenges await if you are doing a case study of your own. There are theories to be validated and results to be presented. Naturally, you also have to present them in an intelligible way. But when everything has been said and done in the most appropriate way possible, writing a case study can be one of the most rewarding things you can do on the blog.

Interviews. When you've run out of blog topic ideas or you simply want to take a break from talking, interviews are a wonderful alternative. You can not only rest from the usual routine but also inspire your readers with fresh ideas from a fresh mind. What's more, you get "refreshed" too!

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