Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Penguin And Panda Transform Google Into A Strict Search Engine

Inside the zoo, animals run and play with one another. Various animal species are nursed and handled so that spectators can fully recognise the beauty of nature's species.

In the SEO sector, the concept of a zoo is associated with the most influential brand in the search engine market, Google. The truth is, many SEO minds are joking about the Internet giant's impending transformation into a zoo, because it has a passion for black and white creatures such as Panda and Penguin.

Interestingly though, Google's Penguin and Panda aren't typical creatures. These innovations from Google are not created to please SEO fanatics and Internet optimisers. These algorithmic improvements are formulated to end the reign of black hat SEO. The Penguin and Panda updates are perceived to punish spammy web sites and unscrupulous web entities that are guilty of engaging in unethical SEO tactics.

The Panda update in 2011 fought the growing population of web sites that didn't have high regard for quality content. Sites with crappy, plagiarised content that is almost unreadable received a painful blow that sent them crashing down SERPs. Panda, which targeted 12 percent of listings that time, ended the life of websites robbed of great value and content so that high quality sites could be given more attention.

The Penguin update presented just this year influenced 3 percent of listings. Upon releasing Penguin, Google stated that the algorithm update was intended to reward only high quality sites. This meant the merciless elimination of websites that engaged in black hat SEO or gray hat SEO and advocated tactics like link buying, link scheming, keyword dilution and cloaking.

Despite the shared feeling of upset of many telemarketers aimed at Google, the Internet giant currently prides itself in diversifying its algorithm shifts to bring a more responsible, valuable virtual marketplace for every end user.

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