Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ways To Secure Your Promotional Videos Online

Distributing promotional SEO videos is now the trend among companies who desire to reach their target audience fast. In accordance to the purpose they have in mind, businesses create and post clips of different nature. They vary from tutorials to testimonials to free online courses.

Internet users desire to acquire information as quick as possible. In response to this, businesses are creating and posting relevant clips online in a snap. They do this without even thinking about the security of their original content. Owners or producers must understand that without proper security, their masterpieces can be easily distributed without their permission.

If you find your marketing clips in the same position, there are some ways which you can do to prevent this from plaguing promotional videos. Read these.

Choose Online Streaming - Choose online streaming over progressive download. Both are key in the distribution of the social media message or information contained in your videos. However, it is online streaming that gives the owners full control over the distribution of the content.

The birth of YouTube brought about the existence of progressive download. As security is not tight with this hosting option, anyone can simply watch, download and save video files in their computer without asking the permission of their owners. Also, there is liberty to repurpose these files to their hearts content.

This is not advisable for clips that are high in original content and exclusive information. If your web video production is characterized by this, it is best that you opt for online streaming. It comes with a great feature which disallows storing of streamed clips. This allows you to choose specific people whom you want to view your videos. Also, you can limit the extent of time and information you are to send the viewers.

Indicate Access Controls - In here, you will help the cooperation of other people who are working with you to create your digital clips. Are you creating an online course? If yes, instruct your team not to share any information about it to anyone else. This is actually the first step to take as any leakage in your production can harm the entire project you are working on.

Secure Sockets Layer - Do you want tighter security? Release your promotional videos through the Secure Sockets Locks. The encryption here happens in between the server and the browser of the internet user. There is nothing to worry about leakage here as the encryption takes the form of unreadable characters unlike in YouTube where everything pertaining to the video is readable and understandable. And so, protection is not as tight as expected.

The lack of security has caused many of the excellent clips produced online illegally replicated and distributed with or without the knowledge of their makers. Perhaps, you did not know any measure to secure your promotional videos then. Now that you already have the idea, take the effort to do so for a well-meaning distribution of your original content.

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