Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Penguin - Unethical SEO Techniques Cannot Work Anymore

The release of this Google Penguin update has produced a great impact on small business which always relied on Google ranking results for their online existence. Google released this Penguin update primarily to penalize all those over-optimized web pages that used key phrase stuffing and black hat Search engine optimization techniques to get a better page ranking.

The sites which used website optimization techniques like paid links and spinning and distributing of articles to improve their search engine ranking for the past ten years were under attack by the Penguin update. Consequently, the websites which employed all these methods suffered very much because they experienced a drop in page rankings because of the Penguin update.

The small business companies that used to apply these unconventional methods to reach a good search engine position experienced a plunge in sales. Nevertheless as many of these small companies do not have immediate funds and support to employ these changes, they are unable to react to the changes implemented through the Penguin update.

Whereas, companies can handle the problem if their search engine optimization is centered on employing just quality content. Their SEO shouldn't include key phrase stuffing and also the SEO services they appoint ought to strictly follow Google's quality guidelines.

The thought that getting as many backlinks and as much content possible to acquire a better page ranking must be eradicated from the minds of the webmasters. Instead, they should think of using unique content through visitor blogs and press releases and employ a public relations strategy. Other options they could think about are use of multichannel options such as CPM promotion and referrals and even social media campaigns for a better page ranking.

The Penguin update from Google was extremely successful, except for the consequences of the Google Penguin update over the small business companies. It was the web spam created by internet sites that got a higher search engine rank position than they deserved by deceiving search engines which the Penguin algorithm aimed to cut back.

These internet sites which were affected were using spamming methods for a long time. But the sites that have always used ethical SEO techniques could now finally achieve their deserved high search results ranking thanks to the Penguin update.

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