Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There's a host of ways, endless ways in which our information might be misused in the virtual world.
A SEARCH ENGINE: Is in its essence a tool to find information we need quicker, its accuracy is useful its results determine the nature of our online experience.

If paid ads are posted on the first page along with other results does that really affect us ........... Does the Bing search engine do something better.

Can we say safely, that for most of us non technical ppl ,Google defines the way we go online and the way we do things all of us have tried different search engines as add-ons with free software that can be downloaded, along with other software packages .Different ways exist in which we eventually end up downloading and then using a search engine that shows up on the home page.

Giant companies like Microsoft and Google can battle it out, but for most of us id say that Google is the best .That includes several friends I observed, fellow workers ......

A steady policy, appropriate, responsible use of consumer data is a primary concern because Google stands for a lot of things that are really good the brand is big, its theirs to stay .

Posting of ads has to be transparent and public because as consumers who use google we would be happy to know, with the right filters available we should be able to bypass advertisements apart from search results, Advertisements are fine otherwise, it’s a business but the customer must be kept in full confidence.

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