Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Top Three Email Marketing Service Providers of the Year

Boosting your profits and gathering leads on a daily basis is the most important task you can perform. At the same time, trying to figure out how to manage your list (once you've built it) can be quite a hassle. If you're an old hand at this, then you know what needs to take place, but newbies need a little bit of help here. This is why there are so many email marketing service providers out there to choose from.

There are many that are good and fine to use, and iContact is one of them who enjoys a good reputation. They're gracious enough to offer you free service for a month so you can decide if you like them, or not. All of these services are designed to avoid breaking your bank account, so unless you're really strapped for cash this is the way to go. The most expensive package is forty seven dollars a month and accommodates up to five thousand subscribers.

One that is not so well known is Send Grid, and it is worth your time to have a good look. It's a fact that businesses that are working to gain a foothold try harder, and these people are doing just that. What you can do is just sign up for a month or so, and then see how you like using it because you won't really know until you do that. In the beginning of your IM efforts there is no reason for you to pay for what you don't need, so remember that.

What is different about them is they are willing to let you put any images you want to use in your account. Worth your time and attention to give them a spin, and you never know how much you'll like them otherwise. If you don't email very often, you can also pay per campaign-which is nice if you plan to only send one email to a small list once or twice a month.

If you have a multiple lists that you have to take care of, then Topica has features for that. You never know what will come down the pike and you're suddenly managing diverse lists. You'll get started with a trial period at no charge.

Some email service providers are for the big league players, but we have included some just so you'll be aware of them. Trying to figure out what your needs might be as opposed to the things you want to do can be a battle, and we've talked about a few of the best and most widely recognized service providers in this article. And it's always an option to move on even if you have to just end the subscription with them and find another provider.

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