Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 Most Amazing Tweets

OK, we’re all a little bit addicted to Twitter, not to mention StephenFry’s tweets (who doesn’t love an argument where you have to look up most of the words to understand?), but there’s so much else going on in this social network behemoth.

Twitter has hosted some amazing things, and has the tools to spread news and stories perhaps faster than any other method – the only thing that could ever make it better would be to make it voice activated (anyone fancy sorting out the voice biometrics?).
Here are the 5 most amazing tweets (ever).
  1. @houstonhospital’s coverage of open heart surgery
Last month, Houston’s Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital tweeted their way through a double-coronary artery bypass, which lasted two and a half hours.

Dr Paresh Patel took readers through everything that happened, from scrubbing in to identifying the targets in the heart, as well as answering questions. The feed was even accompanied by Twitpics courtesy of Dr Michel Macris, the surgeon performing the bypass, who wore a video camera on his head.

Next in line? Live Twitter coverage of brain surgery.

2.  @oflynnkevin’s coverage of his arrest

Kevin O’Flynn is a journalist for the Guardian, working in Moscow, who tweeted his own arrest. He was covering the protests caused by Vladimir Putin’s re-election, and documenting snippets on his Twitter when this tweet came up:

“Ooh arrested, one minute after documents checked and said ok.”

He then managed to take a picture from inside the police van. After only seven minutes he was released from custody – but that didn’t stop it being an amazing Twitter feed.

3. @MarsPheonix’s discovery of water

@MarsPheonix was the official Twitter account of the Mars Pheonix Lander, the probe sent to Mars to collect information to determine whether life could be supported there or not.
And when it found water, followers were immediately notified by the Tweet: “Are you ready to celebrate? Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars! w00t!!! Best day ever!!”, a Tweet broadcast from another planet, that circled around the world.

4. @2drinksbehind’s coverage of the Denver plane crash

So, when you’re in a plane crash, what’s the first thing you do? Tweet about it, of course.
Mike Wilson, otherwise known as @2drinksbehind, produced a Twitter stream documenting everything from losing his glasses in the scramble to get off the burning plane, to the inadequate handing of the passengers afterwards by Continental Airlines. And this was all way before news crews had chance to get on the scene.

5.  @jamesbuck’s one word Tweet on his Egyptian arrest

It was only a one word Tweet, but when @jamesbuck wrote “Arrested”, it sparked an amazing course of action.

 James Buck was covering an anti-government protest when he and his translator were arrested. The single word he managed to send out spurred his followers into action, and caused his university to hire a lawyer. He was released a day late

These are some of the most impressive tweets that have shown the power of social networks such as Twitter. Who knows, maybe your next tweet could change the world? Or you could just describe your breakfast?

Jasmine Ayres is a Twitter addict and IT geek, who would write about Twitter constantly if she could. Currently, she blogs for Vicorp, one of the leading speech biometrics providers in the UK.

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