Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Web Analytics Empowers Your SEO Techniques?

The objective of optimizing a website is to fetch high conversion rates. Optimizing a site blindly without understanding where you stand will do no good. Whoever thought SEO was mechanical will not be able to perform in an era where the internet comprises of a plethora of websites and consumers getting knowledgeable than ever before. 

The art of SEO entails the acuity to think creatively and formulate strategic decisions. For the same, Web Analytics comes to rescue. It helps you understand the nitty- gritty of your website and bolsters your knowledge in a way that you are groomed to take sensible decisions. Net Analytics has streamlined the process of SEO and offered it hands on experience.

A fusion of SEO and Web Analytics can serve as an impetus to render your website high conversion rates. As mentioned above, the present era of SEO demands a more sensible approach where you need to give the reader or the consumer something exclusive and great, in order to hold their attention. However, this is impossible to accomplish the same without understanding your target audience and their needs.

Web Analytics does a great job of manifesting the minds of your consumers, with the help of the data it endows. It serves as a tool that enables you to explore more and raise the bar. Right from knowing, which page received more views to ascertaining the time spent by people on your website; Web Analytics presents you with all the information that will help you know your visitor in a better way. 

It will also give you an insight of the needs and wants of the reader by acquainting you with the search terms, and phrases that the visitor searched for. Website tracking also comprehends you with your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like Visitor loyalty, Conversion rate, Task completion rate, Economic Value, etc. that helps you track your progress. With a geographical summary report, you will get percipience about the search activity whether it was from web, mobile, Video, image, etc.

Keeping a track on the type of traffic source is equally essential, as it will determine you to decide where you need to invest the next time. The major segments of traffic source include direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic.

In a nutshell, Web Analytics serves as a means to assess your performance facilitating you to determine whether your efforts are bearing fruit or not. It helps you prioritize your efforts and invest wisely. It equips you to take informed decision that is backed by solid data.

Web Analytics is an essential tool that provides you with the necessary data about your website enabling you to strengthen your SEO techniques. With the help of substantial data, that website tracking grants, researches and efforts invested can turn out to be even more fruitful.

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