Monday, June 25, 2012

New Challenges for Online Publishers

Big data is one of those terms that's popping up more and more these days. It refers to the ever-increasing amount of data that's being generated every day and companies' attempts to harness and use it effectively. 

A great deal has been said about big data, but one topic that often gets overlooked is big data's impact on online publishers. There are many challenges with growing data volumes, especially when it comes to online publishing. 

Four primary challenges have been identified, and attempts are being made to address those challenges effectively and efficiently. In the long run, the big winners are going to be consumers, who will enjoy more interactive and immersive experiences than ever. 

Learn more about big data and how it's affecting online publishing below.

Data and Analysis: More Important than Ever

There's no question that content is king, and that will continue to remain true. However, content now has to share the stage with data and analysis. After all, it's all too easy to replicate content in multiple places. 

As time goes by and big data becomes easier to manipulate, the challenge is going to be analyzing that data and using it effectively in online publishing. Companies that strictly publish content are going to lose out to competitors who take data, analyze it and turn it into something that engages customers in unique ways.

Analytics will Drive Content

This point is something of an offshoot of the previous one, but it's important enough to stand alone. As time goes by, things like personalization, ad revenue and content monetization are largely going to be accomplished through the analysis of big data. 

At least, that will be the case in the world of online publishing. Without doing that extra work, online publishers aren't going to be able to compete effectively. Companies that get to work on this right now are going to come out ahead in the long run.

Delivering Meaningful User Experiences Across Multiple Devices

Another major challenge that's being presented by big data is somehow delivering meaningful, immersive and consistent user experiences across multiple devices and platforms. Customers aren't going to sit still for inconsistency. 

Big data will need to be analyzed and used to produce similar results across many different platforms and devices. Customers must be able to manipulate data themselves as well, and offering such capabilities on different devices and platforms is going to be very challenging indeed.

Connecting Data Silos

As it stands, data silos are disconnected from one another. Until they are connected in a useful and meaningful way, the true potential of big data is going to remain inaccessible to most people. Right now, we are still a very long way from connecting those disparate data silos. The sheer volume of data that's involved is a major impediment. 

In online publishing, commercial licensing restrictions are also problematic. Until these issues are addressed and solved, data silos will remain disconnected, and the full potential of big data for online publishers will remain out of reach.

Online publishers face many challenges with growing data volumes. At the same time, the potential for some very exciting developments exists as well. Instead of shrugging off big data or assuming that these issues can't be overcome, online publishers should start working now to stay ahead of the curve. Those that do are the most likely to succeed later.

Jill Burbank is apart of an elite team of writers and inbound marketers who guest blog for a variety of online publications. Follow her @JillBurbank2.

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