Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Web Hosting Differences In Layman's Terms

If you are brand new to web development, choosing a hosting plan can be overwhelming. Hosting companies try to explain it with text articles and videos, but unless you are familiar with web hosting terms, these explanations will not make much sense. 

InMotion Hosting has a simple, yet very informative, video that clearly explains the differences between shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. 

More importantly, the video explains it in a clear and concise language that you can understand. 

The video uses simple graphics to show that shared hosting is like having an apartment. It is your space, but you share it with other tenants. You have to be respectful of other people by not hosting large parties. 

While you can decorate the inside of your apartment, you can not move walls or do extensive updates. Shared hosting is basic hosting, but ideal for very small websites that do not require customization.

VPS hosting is like living in a townhouse. It is bigger than an apartment, and you can remodel or update the inside as long as it fits within your space. You share the space with fewer residents, and you can have bigger parties. 

VPS hosting gives you more flexibility when designing your website and lets you have more traffic, but there are still limitations.

Dedicated hosting is like living on a mansion on a hill. You own it, so you can have very large parties without worrying about the neighbors. You can add walls, put in a pool and do whatever you want to the house or land. 

You do still have to follow the law, but you can do a lot more than you can when living in an apartment or townhouse. With dedicated hosting, you can add a faster processor, more RAM and upgrade bandwidth at any time.

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