Thursday, June 28, 2012

Promoting Your Web Design Services Online - A Checklist

Every smart business owner knows that the Internet can be a valuable resource to recruit clients or sell their products. 

Those companies who know little to nothing about creating and sustaining a website often turn to web designers to build custom websites from scratch in attempt to secure the hottest and most successful presence on the web.

If you are just beginning as a web designer, there are specific ways that you can attract these businesses to build a solid and reputable client list.

Maintain a Website

When you are just beginning as a web designer, you may consider asking to maintain a website that has already been established. The owner of the site may spread the word to others looking for a reliable web designer, and he may even allow you to place a small backlink on his site that leads to your work, thus gaining exposure for your business.

Create a Blog

A blog is one of the best ways that a web designer can sell his services. By updating the blog regularly with information about your business and web designing in general, you can carry out a dialogue with your readers about everything having to do with your field. You can also answer questions from readers and become involved with the content so that you better understand the needs of your target audience.

Quality Content

Make sure that your blog contains high quality content. Nothing disinterests a potential client more than spelling mistakes, grammar errors and poorly constructed sentences. A blog develops your credibility and reliability as a designer, so make sure that it gives readers a clear picture of your services and products. 

It is also beneficial to use simple sentences that are easy for readers of all backgrounds to understand, and you may want to explain how your business will benefit your target audience.

Develop an Email Signature

If you send out numerous emails throughout the course of a day, consider developing a smart and specific signature to place at the bottom of the email. Regardless of where you are sending the email, if the right person sees your information, he may pass the word around to others he knows that are looking for web designing services.

Showcase a Portfolio

Many free websites help you place all of your finished products in one place. You can add a link to this portfolio from your main website or blog, thus directing clients to your work with one click. 

A sophisticated online portfolio will allow potential clients to see and view your work in one area, which will save them time from jumping around from site to site. Consider placing different types of samples into your portfolio and organizing them into a menu to help your clients find their way around.

Client Testimonials

Once you have developed a steady client list, ask for testimonials to place on your site. Reviews can mention you by name, your work or their experiences with you. Testimonials are important for potential clients because they are more likely to trust in you and invest their time and money into your business.

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