Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Having your webpage high in popular search engines can really improve the number of visitors you get. Through SEO, it is possible to improve a webpage rank in SERPs. In lay terms, search engine optimization can be defines as a technique which a webmaster uses to improve a webpage rank.

If you're running a business, it would benefit you to have your webpage appear on the first pages because there, it's easier for customers to notice it. Now with lots of other business competing for the highest ranks, it takes time and effort to have a website on top of the first page. Below, a look on how this is done is outlined.

The two most common methods that are used in SEO include white and black hat techniques. One of these techniques is legitimate while the other is illegal and will get you in trouble if you're caught. Though both of these techniques will work, using the legit way in the long run is beneficial.

The white hat approach basically is the legit way of doing things. In essence, it relies mostly on providing quality content, relevant keywords and using back links. Below is how it works.

It's important to provide useful content that users will find helpful; if you can do that, then you're half way to getting higher ranks in SERPs. Also, search engines rely on keywords, so if your page has relevant keywords, most probably it will start rising in ranks. Back links are also equally important; most systems assume that if a page links back to pages that are themselves high in the SERPs, then probably it is an important website, and therefore, should improve in rank.

Black hat approaches are not that much different to the above methods only that they manipulate the system. Since the system looks for back links and keywords, you just provide it with the same. You could either provide bogus back links or even overstuff your content with keywords. The downside of this search engine optimization technique is that it rarely is effective in the long run because if you get caught, your website is flagged.

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