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Top Blogging Sites In The World Today

Blogging can sound a bit overwhelming for any first-timer. This is particularly true if you will have to consider all the popular blogging platforms available. They offer different features but all of them seem to be a perfect pick. In this article, let's discuss about some top blogging sites and why they may be a great choice for you.


WordPress remains to be one of the top two sites for blogging in the web. It is a popular choice among different people because it offers a lot of flexibility to members. You can even download its template free of charge and install on your site using your own domain name. It also offers a lot of themes and plug-ins so people can customize their accounts in such a way that mirrors their personality. If personalization is valuable to you, then this site can be your perfect choice.

Another reason why WordPress is a popular choice worldwide is its user-friendliness. Most first-time bloggers opt to open an account here because it's very navigable and easy to understand. It doesn't require any technical know-how on computer lingo or codes. While having some knowledge on them can be useful for further customization, you can undoubtedly still enjoy WordPress without it.


Another reason why Blogger is great is it allows members to open as many blogs as they want from their Google account. Other sites have restrictions. If you wish to make money through blogging, multiple accounts can be a lot more ideal.

Another good thing about Blogger is it allows you to create multiple blogs through your Google account. Unlike other sites, it doesn't restrict the number of blogs you would want to have.

Blogger also allows you to monetize your site through Google AdSense. Once you sign up for it, you can start earning passively whenever your visitors click on the ads. This plays a major role why it stays to be one of the most popular blog sites to date.


Livejournal (LJ) was created by a guy who simply wanted to have a platform for updating his high school friends of his activities. Then, it ended as one of the top blogging sites today. It now has more than 50 million members worldwide.

The main feature of this site is its friends list or "flist." Every LJ user has a page where the collection of blog posts from those on his or her flist is found. This allows easier access so friends can visit each other's blogs at a click.

Another fantastic thing about LJ is it serves as a host to "communities" or group journals to gain leverage. You can become a member of a community and make posts to it as if you were writing on your own blog. There are maintainers who oversee the membership of each group as well as moderate the flow of entries. Interesting, don't you think? Hence it's no surprise that LJ remains to be one of the top blogging sites in the web today.

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