Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your Twitter DM Autoresponder

By Alana Tyson - When you think about Twitter, you have to think in terms of connections with people, and that really is where the web is moving toward, anyway. For example, you may know about Twitter's autoresponder system you can use to send a message to those who follow you. Check out our solid tips for how to use this feature.

Yes, of course you can use direct messages for promotional purposes, but always be sure to be scant and look the professional part. You still have get to know people on some level, not deeply of course, and so you must be informal at times as well as appropriate.

Create a good impression with your writing and the way you express your self, and use spell check if you have to do that. We all know how it feels to read something and it has too many mistakes in it. Grammar is easily checked with software or word processors just as quickly and easily as the spelling. You may think these trivial concerns are exactly that, but we assure you they are not trivial to very many people.

You can make your point very well in the 140 character limit without resorting to sales copy type of messages. If you are relatively new at Twitter, then just lurk a while and note how people talk to each other. The best approach with your direct messages is to inform and give a hint about what your link is about. Think of this as any other site and market in which you need to discover how your audience talks and the words and expressions they use, etc. We know you do not want to work hard and then only turn-off the very people you have worked hard to know. Look at your market and assess how well they are aware of marketing information and that approach.

It simply doesn't make sense to send out a direct message without following back your new follower because without that, how do you expect him/her to reply back to your direct message if they have to? It does take time to create good relationships, and it is always the little things that seem to be the most important.

The rules of behavior and approach with others at Twitter have been known for a long time, and it is just solid relationship building.

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